Emergency Physician Billing

Emergency Physician Billing

We are a leading medical coding and billing outsourcing company having years of experience in comprehensive revenue cycle management for the healthcare service providers in the USA insurance healthcare sector. Our outsourcing company has a large base of satisfied clients across the country. Our medical coding and billing services are variously subscribed by the clients regularly for being qualitative, faster and cost effective.

We are a client centric company known for our dedicated approach to solving the problems of our clients by providing them with better solutions in the specialized areas of emergency physician billing.

Our medical coders and billing experts have long years of professional experiences, gained by carrying out tasks operations, related to emergency physician billing for our clients in USA. Over the years, we have remained a trusted partner of our numerous clients due to our professional and conducive work mythologies.

Emergency physician billing

Our outsourcing medical coding and billing services include but not limited to, credentialing/enrollment, charge entry, coding, claim submission, payment posting, account receivable management, underpaid and denial claims management=, patient statement collection and inquiry and advanced reporting, etc.

The emergency physician billing is a challenging task to handle as most of the emergency physicians remain extremely busy in attending the emergency cases of the patients. Since the emergency patients may not pay repeated visits to the initially attending the emergency physicians it may pose significant problem for meticulous documenting the services dispensed to the patient.

However, as we have been serving a significant numbers of emergency physicians, over the years we have enough on the spot expertise to collect, document and provide follow up to have all the relevant information/data necessary for coding and billing. As a result, our emergency physician billings are qualified enough to ensure better revenue flow for our clients that fully agree with the regulations.

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